Math Skills

Whether your student has a history of difficulty in math or has recently encountered obstacles in mathematics, Apples of Gold is prepared to customize an intervention plan to help your student close his skill gaps and achieve success in math. Your student will receive instruction aligned to the identified domains of weakness during his weekly sessions. We will create a schedule which provides your child with math intervention two to four times weekly. The frequency and length of sessions (45 minutes to 1.5 hours) will depend on the extent of your student's particular needs, how quickly she needs to close her skill gaps, and your family's scheduling needs. Personalized Math intervention is provided in a private, one-to-one setting, where intentional, systematic instruction is delivered by a caring, supportive teacher. Whether your first grader is struggling to master addition and subtraction facts, your seventh grader has a history of difficulty with fractions and decimals, or your high school junior is frustrated with Pre-calculus, we will develop a customized plan to help your learner become successful and confident in math.