Sometimes a student does not struggle with scholastics because the work is difficult; instead, he struggles with school because it does not keep him intellectually engaged. If your student is bored with school, uninterested, or frustrated with the lack of rigor, Apples of Gold Center For Learning will create a personalized plan to stimulate his mind and call him to tasks which require him to think deeply, critically. With challenging curriculum and a motivating instructor, your student will be encouraged to embrace the beauty of learning again.

This program is provided in a one-on-one setting with a professional teacher wherein the student's skills are addressed in the context of challenging content. The customized plan is designed according to your student’s academic profile and areas of natural aptitude or interest. Areas commonly targeted in an Enrichment plan are advanced writing skills, vocabulary development, logic, advanced math skills, and science. Your student’s plan can incorporate a combination of these content areas or other areas of interest.

A student with a customized Enrichment plan may attend sessions one to four times weekly. His schedule is dependent on the family’s educational goals for him and scheduling parameters. Enrichment sessions are available for your son or daughter throughout the summer and the academic school year. A Comprehensive Skills Evaluation is also available if you desire to help your child understand the landscape of his or her cognitive giftings.

Please contact us if you desire to coordinate a consultation time to begin the process of designing and implementing a customized Enrichment plan for your student. We thoroughly enjoy helping students cultivate their potential and we would love to partner with your student. Being a gifted student has unique pitfalls: allow Apples of Gold CENTER FOR LEARNING to partner with you to help your talented son or daughter become excited about his or her potential as a gifted learner.