Subject Tutoring

We provide private instruction and academic guidance for older students in content areas such as history, science, composition, literature, and foreign language. Additionally, we provide skill support and test preparation for all levels of math (pre-algebra through calculus). During subject tutoring sessions the instructor utilizes the student's textbook(s) and school materials to help the student manage and understand the text, concepts, and skills for assignment and project success. Additionally, the instructor helps the student study effectively for upcoming tests. Throughout this personalized process, direction and support are provided to build reading comprehension, note-taking, and organizational skills. This customized, intensive support enables students to make the most of their sessions. Subject tutoring support is available on a scheduled basis with appointments ranging from one to three times per week; frequency is determined according to the student's extent of need, scheduling parameters, and the occurrence of tests and projects. Sessions are crafted to encourage the student while helping him become more responsible and proactive in the learning process. To ensure student success, instructors are matched with students based on the instructor's background, training, and areas of strength.