Reading Skills

If your child struggles with reading, Apples of Gold Center for Learning is eager to provide a customized solution. To determine the cause of your student’s reading difficulty, we will administer a Comprehensive Evaluation, review school and clinical documents you provide to us, and meet with you in person to discuss your child’s educational history. With this information, we will create a Personalized Learning Suite to address the five essential components of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics (alphabetic principle), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Your child's plan will address each of these critical areas according to his specific skill deficits and domains of natural weakness.

Utilizing a multi-sensory, systematic, cumulative, direct instruction, Orton-Gillingham based, intensive (synthetic and analytic) phonics program, we will help your struggling student become a more accurate, fluent reader and speller. Our program trains the brain to become automatic with letter-sound associations. This, in turn, speeds fluency, promotes vocabulary development, and facilitates reading comprehension. Built on research-based resources and multi-sensory, engaging strategies, the reading program will help your child become a confident reader who enjoys and initiates reading.

Your child will meet with a nurturing, private instructor two to four times weekly and be retested to measure gains after the completion of 36 or 48 instructional hours. Each session is divided into eight or more activities to reinforce concepts and to maintain your student’s attention and interest. Your child’s instructor will encourage him while providing multi-sensory practice to develop reading skills and cultivate confidence. With a customized plan and individualized attention, your child will grow to appreciate and enjoy the manifold joys of reading.